Thursday, March 20, 2008

another day in parasite

There was so much happening all at once today that I was ON all the day long. When I got home I continued to be ON. And I didn't get to go to Tai Chi. So now I am a grouch. PLUS...when I went to get the work schedule calendars from my bag...they weren't there!!!! Tomorrow night I have to Emcee a school program. Then when I get home I would like to escape through the wobbly haze supplied by alcohol. But I probably won't because I'll pay for that too. HMM...what should I do? Eat? That just adds up to crap. I hobby! Oh yeah...I don't have one because my family is so needy that I can't do anything long enough to get anywhere in it enough to find it satisfying. OK OK I'll read a book. It should only take a paragraph or two before someone needs me to do something or is throwing a fit that will need my intervention. Well, let's see, what's left? I can stay up late and not get enough sleep. That seems to be working so far. The coffee helps make up for that. I'm sure there are no repercussions from that.
I can hear some of you, "whine whine whine ya big baby". I have a little something to say to you but I won't because I don't give a rip about your opinion. You are insulting and that makes you a mean person. So shut up and listen or go away. Have a little empathy you heartless gork!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today seemed like two and a half days

I had a challenging day today. People at work were having a meltdown. It was my job to squish the wax back into something like two people that could work together but don't have to be friends any more. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

first of the second

This is the first entry of my 2nd blog. I used to be mykljon. I lost that blog due to an industrial accident at my plastics manufacturing plant. (just kidding...see my profile)
Anyway, here I am again. I have a new blog and I will try to make contact with a few of the former peeps that I enjoyed so much.