Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ladder and I Fell Together

Today, after finishing the snow shoveling on the roof, I stepped down onto the ladder and took one more step down before the ladder slipped away from it's footing. The ladder and I fell onto the front steps. The ladder then slid forward and hit my son in the leg and arm. I felt my foot twisting as it was caught in between two rungs. When I stood up I had to test my foot and leg to see if I could stand on it. The boy has bruises and scratches. I have a pretty good gash in my left shin plus some bruises and scratches of my own. Nothing was broken! Whew! I think I may have torn a ligament or tendon in my left ankle. It's not completely torn but it hurts when I step in certain directions or turn on that foot.
I anticipate some aches and pains over the next few days. I still have to work the next two days. I hope my aches and pains don't keep me from being able to learn, help and keep up.
Please send me your home remedy's for healing and I will consider them for my recovery process.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Return of Light

Today we celebrate the return of light. The days are getting longer. We acknowledge Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and Festivus but celebrate the return of longer days.
This is the season when we plan for the upcoming year and as the year unfolds we can fulfill the dreams of the long winter nights.
As we share the long hours with our loved ones, friends and community members inside the warmth of our homes and meeting places we learn what is important to each other and how our lives are intertwined. We can share food, laughter, song, gifts, joy and love.
Thank you all for being in my life!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

i m home 2day

It's Monday. Here I am at home. My new schedule has me at home on weekdays from time to time. I'm going to ask to have Mondays off. That will mean that I am at home and nobody else is here. Not that I don't love my peeps but it is nice to have a little quiet time. The trade off is that I don't have as much time with them when they are all home. However, another trade off is that I am home earlier than they are on weekdays and I can do things like plan dinner and do other things around town that may need to be done. So, we will all have to get used to the new schedule. It also means that I have to try to figure out transportation for G. to get to work because I leave for work well before she does. Does anybody have any ideas out there? I'm going to make some phone calls today to see if I can round something up. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cup 'o' Pee

Today I peed in a cup. That was how I met Debby Fisher. She was my Cup 'o' Pee officiator. It is awkward to meet someone that you will be working with, for the first time, by handing them a warm cup or your own urine.
It was nice to meet you Debby. Thanks for accepting my urine as a token of our future working relationship.
I passed (so to speak) the urine drug test. My first of many tests at my new job. I will have my first day learning "treatments" on Wednesday. Tomorrow I go to Spokane with Sunny to buy groceries and perhaps some scrubs. I bought some today at Wal-Mart. They are plain. I'm looking for something a little more interesting. I already had one scrubs shirt that has planets and asteroids etc. on it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have Job...Will Not Travel

Yes...I was offered a job yesterday. I will be working at a local Nursing Home. There are many good aspects to that. I will be developing some of the "traditional" nursing skills that I never got to use in public health. I think the people I will be working with will be pretty nice. One of the things that the administrator said in my interview was, "We try to hire nice people." I will be serving a population of people that need TLC and someone to listen to them. I hope I can get up to speed quickly so I can get comfortable enough to "be there" for the people who are living there. One thing about this job, I will not have to travel.
So, to those of you out there that were very supportive to me (you know who you are) while I was looking for work and going through the upheaval of the transition out of the Health District...Thank you from my heart. "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough. I have deepened some relationships that I hope will last the rest of my life. I have learned to love some people that are remarkable and felt loved as well.
I have left behind some relationships that I thought would be lifetime. I was hurt but I am not bitter. As I have said previously, "My conscience is clear." I suspect that most of the people that hurt me think they were doing the right thing at the time. I hope they will begin to see things more clearly over time. I wish them luck and peace.
Change is good even if it is a bit frightening at first.
Someone once said, "Chance favors the prepared mind."
So...Be prepared.(the Boy Scout motto) You never know what's coming around the corner.
Love, peace and good fortune,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I read today

My Dad's Elementary school class in Elsinore, Missouri.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I read. I started reading the new vampire series. It was so nice. I started reading and fell asleep in the first ten minutes. After my nap I read for about 2-3 hours. That was very relaxing and fun. Now I will be tortured until I finish the book. Then there are 3 more books. Woo Hoo! I hope I can find the time/make the time. I really miss reading. Ordinarily my family does not allow me to read for more than 10 minutes at a time before it's "daddy daddy" or "honey I need you to do something."
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Give Thankings

When you have plenty and you lose some, you still have enough.
Now there is a toxic environment without me in it.
There is a family that envelopes me with love.
Many people give me support, smiles, encouragement and friendship.
Thanks universe!
I feel like a flower in the sun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

getting back on the horse (no! not heroin!)

I refuse to let this get me down and am
filled with hope and a sense of potential.
There is a job out there for me, even if I have to carve it out and convince an employer that they need what I have to offer.
Nothing will stand in my way. My eyes will be open to opportunities, options, and creative ways of approach.
The support of my friends and family has been tremendous. My self esteem and self confidence are high. That will translate into confidence and an energetic appearance to employers.

Look forward to reading about my new job on this blog soon!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How long has it been?


Hey blog checking friends,
It's been a long dang time since I posted. I am currently lookin' for a job. A job as a nurse educator would be nice. Anybody got one out there? I won't take just any job. (at least not yet)
This is my resume photo. Do you think it will help? I am wearing a tie!
I have not only been absent from posting on my own blog but I haven't been checking your blogs either. I will be doing that tonight. I hope you are all doing well. I love you all (yes, even you "stumble upon" people) but especially my friends that I can talk to and give me such great support. You are immeasurably important to me.
Then, of course, there is Sunny. She is the warm sunshine in my life. She has been as supportive as the foundation of the Statue of Liberty, as Atlas holding up the world, as my grandma's panty hose, as the trunk of a Great Redwood Tree. Need I say more?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What the (ok I'm gonna say it) SPQR?

I'm fired! I'm taking an attorney with me to go get em!
They are so smug and self confident. HmmHmmHmm...
I'm not sure if I will prevail.
But if the attorney feels that I have a leg to stand on
he will work on a contingency basis.
They must have thought I would take whatever they dished out.
So, to them I say, "SPQR!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

sometimes strangers are nicer than the people you know, but not always

I like to make comments to people in line at the store.
We have a little something in common. We're both shopping.
These little interactions are very enjoyable for me.
It reinforces for me that we are all more alike than different.
People are interested in being around other people that are happy, nice and friendly.
I know how much I like it. I have superficial relationships with
many people at cash registers around town. Sometimes those people
become someone that I know in some other capacity. Those people know me
as someone with a sense of humor that is encouraging and positive.
That is a way in which I would be happy to be characterized.
Those are the people I seek out in life.
I will miss Mark Grall.
He is that sort of person.
I look forward to finding out how he flourishes in his new place
on the east coast.
My best wishes and friendship go with you Mark!!
(The activity in the photo above was performed by a trained professional.
It should not be tried at home.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Evening

I had an idea for a story.
It's called Friday Night in Heaven, Saturday Night in Hell.
It is about all the fun the people/angels in heaven miss out on
when it is Friday night. They are jealous of the humans
and wish they could go dancing and get drunk
and get laid or go to the movies and eat candy, popcorn and drink pop.
What about going out on a date at a fancy restaurant
or to the prom or have a sleepover at your friends house and tell ghost stories
and talk about certain people and how horny you get when you are around them.
Then there is Saturday Night in Hell.
All the people/devils in there are wishing they could go to church.
They wish they could sit through a long boring sermon
or sing an off key version of a religious song.
How about having that person behind you that has the 3 year old
that they are constantly shushing while he/she asks why that old lady smells funny?
Don't forget to bow your head and pray.
Anyway, that is my idea. If any of you out there steal my idea,
may your days on earth be filled with joy and harmony.
You might be hoping to go to church someday for eternity.

PS. I don't believe in heaven or hell. However, I know some of you do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning

Remember cartoons and sugary cereal?
Remember playing outside in the open air with your friends?
Remember having almost nothing to do except whatever you wanted?
Remember when the hardest thing you had to do was clean your room?
Even though I have a whole bunch of things to do do I kind of feel that way today.
I can get things done at home. I don't have to go to work.
The sun is shining and it's not too hot or too cold.
I got to sleep in until 7:30(woo hoo)(big deal huh?)(Well, 7:30 felt REALLY good)
I've had my coffee and I am about to have some breakfast.
Then I get to do whatever I want to do.
I hope you are having a great day.
My antidepressants must be working!
Good morning Lorie, and Mark and colie.doll, and Sunny, and all the people in China and
all the people everywhere else and all the "whatever you are" on other planets out there.
Maybe I need less coffee...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The first week of Gruel...I mean School

Last week was the first week of school for Alex and Sunny.
After that we had to go to a wedding in Seattle.
So, to say the least, we've been very busy.
The wedding was way over the top expensive.
Sunny and I got married by a JP.
It cost $35.
That's not to say that people shouldn't pay a lot for a wedding.
It's not the wedding that's important.
It's the marriage.
Even with that, there are no guarantees in life.
Do you know of one?

Friday, August 29, 2008

What would you change?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would change my vision so I could get rid of my glasses.
If you could change one thing you did in your life, what would it be?
I would have taken journalism classes in high school or college.
If you could do one thing that you have never done, what would it be?
I would travel to the Azores and learn to surf.
What about you?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feel like blogin' but don't know what to say

So, what? Should I not say anything?
I might try saying nothing with as many words as I can string together.
Maybe in the saying of nothing something will emerge without my knowing it.
I may accidentally express the quantum equation for the description of a black hole
or a white hole. Are there white holes? (no, not that kind you nasty trollop)
Maybe I will say nothing so perfectly that it will cause Monks in China to weep and ask their government to send them to meet the great Zen master.
Ok, here goes...
Elvis has left the building.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "New" Same Old Me

The return to the office has been OK so far.
I had 2 days in the office and only got one cold shoulder.
I had 2 days in Spokane
helping my mom after corneal transplant.
Tomorrow I go back.
I still have bridges to mend.
I am confident that they will mend or
I will go around them.
I have a clear conscience and
that carries me through with my head held high.
So, take that, universe!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let the Games Begin

Tomorrow I return to the workplace.
As always I'll do my best.
I'll look for other work if this disintegrates.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Have Job...Will Travel

The meeting was today.
I will be going back to being a public health nurse.
I had a 2 week vacation with a stomach ache.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Lorie's in the house

Hey Lorie!
I'm feelin' more hopeful about the outcome of things at work.
What's your next adventure?
Are you trippin" off to some far away place like Oklahoma or Spain?
Are you gonna stay home and make some soup?
Just what are you planning?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maybe yes Maybe no

I may or may not have a job by Friday.
I can't believe that my coworkers and friends will
want to throw me away because I got angry.
I guess they were scared and I can't take that away from them.
I hope they keep in mind who I am and have been for the 16 plus years
I have been there.
My bosses say I will have a huge mountain to climb if I decide
to return.
I have trusted them before and they were right.
I will take at face value what they say
but trust in my ability to represent myself as the caring
and compassionate person I am.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who dat?

You never know who will be visiting your site. Maybe your mom, your grandpa, your girlfriends parents, religious fanatics, drunk Jr. High science teachers, Polish housewives trying to learn English, your ex-roommate from the army, prostitutes, turnip farmers, guinea pig never know.
So you should be careful not to offend anyone. (I apologize to the people that don't like to read the word "prostitutes")(don't worry you won't accidentally become the customer of one by reading the word.) Also you should try to make sure there is something for everyone in there. I imagine Polish housewives trying to learn English will want some current slang my home fries. What the fashizzle do they know bout yo baby mama? There are few things turnip farmers haven't heard. I'm guessing they especially don't want to hear about falling off their own truck. That should not be included in your posts.
So use these simple guidelines when posting:
1. Always use the computer
2. Never
3. Prostitutes are people
4. That will be $200 (leave it on the table)
5. Religious fanatics are people
6. Remember that Star trek episode with the "Tribbles"?
(that was for GP enthusiasts)
7. Hold your hand up if you wish to speak.
8. That means you Georgie Bush
9. There should always be 10 rules
10. I can't think of anything else

insert photo here

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exist! oh ye GOD

I am God.
How do I know that?
Because I created God.
The tricky part about this is:
You are God also.
How do I know this?
Because you created God.
I'll give you my description/definition of GOD.
Unless it is exactly the same as YOUR description,
one of us is wrong or both of us is wrong.
If you are right and I am wrong,
I won't believe you anyway
and I will keep on being GOD.
If we are both wrong,
we won't know, so we will both continue being GOD.
If I am right and you are wrong,
I'm right.
OK...OK...What does that mean, "I/you created GOD?"
You have heard about and possibly read about, "god".
You have taken all those things plus your sense of what GOD must ultimately be
and continuously meld them into your current definition of GOD.
No two gods are the same because no two people hear the same thing
or have the same experience.
Maybe you don't have a definition of GOD
but just accept that there is one because your religion says there is one.
You still have an idea of what that is
and you still have a different idea than someone else who is in the same religion.

The universe is "infinite".
That means that all the matter in the universe,
which most scientists believe is expanding to encompass more and more area, is ultimately surrounded by an area that exists with a lack of any matter in it. That area is incomprehensibly infinite. All the laws of physics, which we are still attempting to define, are both, 1. only true within our sphere of expanding matter (because physics requires the presence of matter) and 2. continuously changing because our sphere of matter is continuously expanding.
God is the effect of the area with no matter impacting our sphere. Everything (and I mean ALL our stuff including the electrochemical impulses that we call "thoughts") is under the influence of the interaction between the stuff and the no stuff. We are an animal that recognizes patterns. We tend to think that the patterns are the work of something that, like us, would create patterns. It's just the energy waves of the vast array of different forms of the stuff. Our lifespan, individually and as a species, is too short to observe any really BIG pattern waves (even with our cool instrumentation and complex mathematical skills).
So, to encapsulate, there is no god. There is only stuff and we are part of the stuff. At the edge of the stuff there is no more stuff. That's where the really cool effects are. Try going there sometime! That's probably god.
You weren't expecting that were you. Of course not.
I'm god. Did you think I was going to be easy to understand?
Now, of course, I do not really think I am GOD.
It's just a concept. It's one I kind of like.
What GOD have you created?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Relegating Religion to the Rear

How do I put this...
I used to pursue religion. Now I don't.
I started out with Christianity and then after I broke out of that, I pursued a combination of Zen(ish)ness, mysticism and general spirituality. Eventually I realized that, for me, it all boiled down to superstition. I WANTED to believe in something so I would justify thoughts, feelings and experiences that I couldn't understand by attributing them to a mysterious, otherworldly, overseeing, benevolent, spirit world.
Now I just believe that I exist and you exist. We all can help each other in ways that are anticipated and unanticipated. We have to be wary of those that would seek to take advantage of us in familiar ways and increasingly creative new ways. We all are trying to make our way in this world. Some have more success financially, some emotionally, some in a combination. Most things we have no control over. Some have an enormous impact such as disease or accidents or birth family etc. Some things guide our lives such a social customs, laws, relationships, employment, etc. Some things we have a degree of ability to guide by virtue of our choice making skills. The more education we have the more information to use in making choices. The more intellect we have and choose to employ, the probability that we will be successful increases. Nonetheless, everything over which we believe we have control can change in an instant and suddenly our illusion of control slips out from under us.
So the question becomes, for me, how do I find a balance between attempting to manage control and being able to be flexible when the notion of control is suddenly replaced with the realization that it is an illusion?
That is the closest I come to the point at which people turn to religion. I prefer to accept the struggle and face it head on rather than relegate the responsibility to "a higher power".
Now, I have nothing against people who chose the "higher power" route. I have been there. There is a great deal of comfort in handing over the "control" to the higher power. Since it is an illusion anyway, why not. Then you just have to follow the rules to the best of your ability and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes. I do ask forgiveness. I ask forgiveness of the people whom I have offended. I attempt to manage myself so I don't offend them in the first place. I accept my "humanity" and the imperfection that comes with it. I try to forgive myself as well. If I can't forgive myself how can I forgive anybody else?
The world in which we live is filled with roses and wasps, as in the photo above (nice photo Alex!). I try to smell the roses and avoid the wasps. I try to be a rose and not a wasp.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here is my planet

The reason I asked that question is to get from you what are the ways you identify yourself. ?Are you a human first, a woman first, an american, parent, yoga instructor, ...
Then, after that what comes next and next and next...?
I am a human, a man, a father, husband, nurse, philosopher, friend, homeowner, liberal. After that there is a long list of stuff. At the end of the list there are a bunch of things that are subject to change.
Who are you?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What planet are you from?

Here is the next question:
If I was from another planet, what would you tell me about yourself to explain WHO you are?

I'll explain why I am asking in the next episode.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Seeker and the Sad Man

Once upon a time there was a seeker
that traveled through life with
open eyes and ears.
The seeker tried out new ideas
and discussed unfamiliar ones
with the people who talked about them.
The seeker continuously recreated the image
of the universe seeking to make the
most sense out of all the ideas
and experiences combined.
The seeker was humble enough to know
it was an impossible task
but worthwhile at the same time.
One day the seeker came upon a man that was crying.
He was sobbing deeply as he sat beside the road.
"What makes you cry so hard?" asked the seeker.
"All the sadness in the world." replied the sad man.
"Do all the wonderful things in the world
make you laugh?" the seeker asked.
At that the crying man stopped crying.
He tipped his head a little to the side,
thought about the question for a moment,
and said, "I only laugh at things one at a time."
"Now that you mention it, there are a lot of
funny and wonderful things."
This made him burst out laughing.
However, this laughter was brief.
The sad man started crying again.
"What now?" the seeker inquired.
"If I had only thought of that sooner
I would have been much happier in my life.
Now I have focused on too many of the sad things.
I won't be able to find balance."
The seeker asked the sad man,
"If you could find balance,
how would you do it?"
The sad man stopped crying once again.
He tipped his to the side and
thought about the question.
Finally, he replied,
"I'll have to figure that one out."
and off he trotted talking to himself.
The seeker sat thinking there
by the side of the road.
"What if happiness is not the
balance point?"
What if it is the ability
to acknowledge sadnesses one at a time
just the way we acknowledge joy.
We can move on.
Then happy and sad memories
can inhabit us
without causing a mutiny.

Does any of that make sense?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm getting ahead of you

this is #3
take it or leave it
say what you will
I could swear
but I won't
not because of you
or my mom
or 3rd grade children
even though I feel like it
I choose not to
or to not
feel free to let 'em fly yourselves
I like them very much



flowers and bird and butterflies
sunrise sunset sunny days
smiles and kisses and laughter
babies and kittens and lullabys
oceans lakes and streams
mountains snowfall spring

green mossy forest


I'm trying not to stink at being happy.
too much sugar?
too much crap?
too much everything?
I need a nap!
People here
People there
People I like
and those that scare
doing good
doing bad
doing doing doing doing doing doing
boing boing boing boing boing boing
goes my head
without stopping
without stopping
have a nice day

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yoo hoo! It's new!

"Sunny" and I are blogging together.
Yes, you can look. We keep our clothes on
when we blog.
You can blog without your clothes because
we can't really see you
(unless you include photos or video)
It's up to you.
So, send Sunny a welcome note.
She'll submit her first post real soon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

filled with emotion

I am filled with emotion. At times I am happy and all my cares fade away. All my thoughts about the woes of the world are lost in those moments of joy. Other times I am shaken with the images and reports of sad eyed children, angry men, crying people in disasters and looks of desperation that are part of the everyday life of some. I try to remember my fortune and keep that perspective when I am feeling overwhelmed about my job or my home life. "Try" being the operative word. I am not always successful.
I have struggled with depression since childhood. I didn't know what it was back then. I just thought I was not good enough. It wasn't until about 10 years ago that I realized that what I experienced is depression. I got counseling then and now I take medication. It is the right thing to do. It beats the alternative. Maybe I will be able to do some of the things I have wanted to do instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself.
The end.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where the hell I've been

Our wireless router has been on the blink.
I really couldn't blog from work.
It has taken me a while to catch up
so I will not be very creative here.
However I have another question for you

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What do you think?

Here is a question that I have been batting around for a while.
The purpose is to generate self reflection.
What do you think I think about you?
The answer will be a reflection of what you think you project
and what you think the meaning of my responses to you are.
Please tell me the answer to the question,
your impression of the worthiness of the question,
or both.

Friday, May 2, 2008

For Sharon

Well Well! anjin-san, colie.doll and Lorie, aren't you the supportive sorts. Thanks for the notes. I enjoy them and imagine all sorts of meaning into them. That's fun.
Relax in the mossy forest. Take off your shoes and well, whatever else you feel like taking off. There is nothing here but the smell of moist foliage and the feel of soft, leaf covered, moss under your feet. Lie back and look up into the sky through the branches. Let the beams of sunlight that break through the canopy entertain you with the insects and shadows that play in them. You feel yourselves getting drowsy in the warm afternoon air. As you drift off into a lazy sleep-like trance you think of your childhood playmates and the games that you played together. Remember the buttery smell of the food prepared in houses nearby that drifted into your playground wherever it was. It made playing seem easy and reminded you of the delectable supper that was being prepared for you at home. The sound of children's laughter rings in your memories as you sink slowly deeper into the soft mossy bed you have nestled into. The forest watches over you as your dreams become almost real. Smells, feelings, thoughts, sensations, sights, tastes...all are there in that quiet moment. In your minds eye you play out the actions and adventures you love. There are no limits to your imagination. You can change events and make them even more enjoyable than they were when the happened. Your wishes come true. Your fantasies come to life. The excitement builds as you guide yourself through your dream making it just the way you want it to be. You are in the deepest, most relaxed sleep you have had since you were a young child that could sleep anywhere. In this deep sleep you feel a sense of euphoria that lifts you up above the tree tops. You suddenly find that you are looking down at yourself on the mossy forest floor. Realizing that you are floating in the air is not frightening, it is even more relaxing than ever. Now you look up and take in the sights around you. The tops of the trees go on as far as you can see. This carpet of trees rises and falls in wavelike hills and valleys. The sun warms you and the few clouds you can see look soft and vaporous. As soon as you think about moving toward one of the clouds you are there sweeping through it as though it were the softest silk. Feeling the coolness of the cloud you open your mouth and taste the refreshing mist which now coats you in a fine covering of dew. Onward you push as your thoughts turn to the those you love. Now you are in their presence. You can see and hear them but they cannot see or hear you. They speak about you in the warm glowing terms that you hope for. They do indeed love you. They love you with an intensity that surprises you for it is the same intensity with which you love and adore them. Yes, it's true. You are deeply loved. Deeply, intensely, truly loved.
A quietness comes over you and you remember yourself lying on the floor of the mossy forest. Just as quickly you return to your starting point and see yourself lying there. As you approach, you look upon yourself and realize that it is with the same intensity and depth that you love that person lying there in front of you as you loved and felt love from the others. With this feeling you lie down into your body and experience a sense of peace that reaches your very core.
Slowly you begin to wake. No time seems to have passed. The feeling of refreshment invigorates you as you rise from your soft bed. Looking around, you see your way and start to walk. As the mossy forest floor gives way under your feet the memory of your dream begins to return to you. You long to return to the mossy forest. The mossy forest awaits.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sharpening my teeth

Today was the "All Staff" meeting for my office where I work. It was a social speed trap. Who do I sit with? Who do I talk to? Who will supply the jabs of mean comment? Being the middle boss puts me in a bind. I can't just nail someone without consulting MY supervisor. There are two people that I would like to just shake. They have this whole "holier than thou" attitude. "Oh we have too much work to do right now. We can't possibly help unload the stuff for the meeting." "Oh we'll just walk to the meeting. I know it will take much longer than the rest of you who are driving. But look at us aren't we healthy? You can't want us to ride when we can walk can you?" Well, YES I can. If it takes you 25 minutes to get there and everybody else is there in 5 minutes. But you say you can't help because you're too busy. I have to call "Bullshit!" You just think you're smarter than everybody else because you think you can get away with shit like that. Well guess what? I have some new work for you to do. Take that you sneaky egotistical slackers! Have a nice day.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

just passing through

with each passing moment
each fleeting thought that comes
our every sense takes no rest
our dreams like jungle drums
put it all together
it surely must make sense
though we think we're very smart
it seems we're somewhat dense

take a break and stop now
calm your busy day
slow your thoughts rest your heart
repeat these words and say
"I am not so sure that
everything I see
is just the way I see it.
It's just that way for me."

now that you have started
repeat that every day
soon you'll be aware that
being humble sure does pay
with each passing week then
as humility sets in
those with whom you interact
will most likely be win win

posting as Greenmoss

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cool co-blog coming

Sharon and I are thinking about creating a co-blog. Then we can share this blog thing together. Look for it at a computer near you.
It's late. I must go now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Erasmus Lost at Sea

Upon the open sea Erasmus did sail
Onward out into the great unknown
Encountering windless sea or viscious gale
With steady hearts and sails expertly sewn
The captain's well trained eye doth read the wind
As waves upon the bow do yield their way
Erasmus with her hemplocks tightly pinned
Alone survived to sail another day

Erasmus, where have you gone?

Monday, April 21, 2008

There is no title for this one (except this)

I have made a promise. It must be kept. It is 9:10 pm and I am making my final pass at the blog. If I can contain myself, I will win a prize. I can't tell you what it is. Let's just say it is worthwhile.
I am enjoying the blog. Words beget words. The words carry into my daylife and enrich that as well. I am getting to know some people that I might otherwise not get to know so well. For that I am thankful. I found Clark's blog. That was another gold nugget today.
I was having a crappy day but it turned out well in the end. I went to Tai Chi and came home and blogged. wshew! Now my hands are tired. (especially the right one)
I'm going to sign of...
Good night masters of your own domains.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Webs in the Morning Dew

"There's nothing you can say that can't be said." John Lennon
I just typed for 15 minutes about saying stuff that shouldn't be said and then erased it. It was going nowhere fast.

So, I'll switch gears and say, Konichiwa, anjin-san. I hope your ship makes it to Japan and back. Thanks for your contribution. I look forward to many more. I look forward to your maiden blog when you finally tee it off. Also, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.

Then of course there is colie.doll. You stir up my heart and inspire me. Thank you for that. Your song is strong and sweet. I look forward to many more shots across the bow of the "Literata". The ship that carries the muse through the clouds and across the seas of all our blogs.

Now, you Ms. Lorie...the petals of your flower carry the scent of ancient oils and incense. There is a timeless quality about you. I am swept up in your grace and gentility when I see you. Can you see through me as it appears you can? I hope so.
Matt, if your are listening in, inhale as much of that as you can my friend. The more you love the more you can love. This I am sure you already know. I just wanted to set my coin upon the stack.

Greenmoss (Michael)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ouch! My head!

I just came home from teaching the Children cope With Divorce class. WooWee is that a fun topic or what? anyway I got to teach with Kathy Kipp. She and I have quite a bit of fun team teaching. The hope and goal is to teach divorcing parents how to keep the kids out of the middle of the divorce and teach them what divorce looks like from children's perspective. Look what it has done to his child. His head imploded.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

big blow up

I don't mean the Big Bang, which I believe is only half of the story.
This is the big blow up of the 14 year old at home. Which is only half of the story because there was also the big blow up of the dad as well. Sound like fun? Get your own 14 year old. I think it was all resolved (ish) by the end of the evening. Everyone beat themselves up sufficiently and sent themselves to bed with no supper. Fortunately we had already had supper so it didn't really happen like that. However, it was not fun. Tears were shed but nobody bled. So, the moral of the story: Don't do that! But, if you are compelled to do that, be nice.
I know it doesn't make much sense. It's not supposed to make sense. If it did I would be wrong for being too specific. Let's leave it at that.
Now on to friendlier topics. I checked out Lorie's blog tonight. Very lovely. she is obviously more technologically competent than I appear to be. However she has been at this for somewhat longer than I. So, Go Lorie!!
And Colie.doll seems to be getting better. Whew! That was a close one. I may have to come over there and rub some poison ivy on those ER docs. Simpletons! I don't know how they made it through medical school. Probably slept with the professor or Gilligan.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

blog you! you blogging blogger!

I guess that ought to get some blog stirred up.
Please feel free to think of me while you are blogging yourself or call out my name while you are blogging your girlfriend or boyfriend. You know I will be able to feel it and will have my very own blogasm right in sync with you. It will be our first time. I will blog you some flowers and definitely blog you in the morning after I take a shower. MMM! You give good blog.
I'm extremely nasty and I should be blogged severely and sent to bed with no supper.
I am very sorry for my inappropriate blogging in public. I will keep my private blogs behind closed doors from now on. I think I'm getting hair on the palms of my hands.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Freakin' Awesome! (and I mean that in the nicest possible way)

Tomorrow I drive for 3 hours and have a 4 hour meeting with lunch included and then drive 3 hours home. Sound like fun? It won't be too bad. I will get paid to do it. I will get to listen to whatever music I want for 6 hours. I'll get to eat snacks while I drive. I'll be by myself for 6 hours. I'll get to look out at Eastern Washington in the spring. That's not a bad day compared to some peoples day. I'm not sitting in a bar drinking away my thoughts. I'm not getting tortured, beaten or raped. I'm not being forced to work for pennies or my family will suffer. I'm not the subject of cruel "scientific" experimentation. I'm not being shot at by people who want to kill me just because I am where they don't want me to be. I'm not selling my body to buy drugs and getting high to forget the fact that I'm selling my body to buy drugs.
However, I'm not the subject of an experiment to see how many orgasms a person can have in 10 hours. I'm not swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Islands. I'm not tasting all the champagne produced by growers in Champagne France. I'm not in a spaceship circling the earth feeling the effects of zero gravity. So, I guess I'd say I somewhere in the middle having an OK day. Which is fine with me. In fact it's more than fine. It's Fucking Awesome!! You can tell that to your teachers, your clergy, your grandma and your ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend.
Have a Fucking Awesome Day Yourselves!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

blog me to the moon

This here blog this wordy way
becomes the place to skip and play
the place electrons hop about
dots take shapes that thinkers spout
graphics glow sounds emit
genius clever average shit
find your niche tease it right
careful don't stay up all night
weave a web that reaches far
round the globe or shooting star

Friday, April 11, 2008

This is now

It is happening again...I'm getting sucked into the blogging world.
It doesn't take much. I find it a good creative outlet and nobody else is awake to interrupt me. so on and on I go, answering posts,editing my profile and looking around for other interesting stuff and people. The more people I connect with the longer it will take each time I log in.
I will stay up later and later until I will pass myself in the hallway on my way to bed and I will already be getting up the next day.
Damn it! What will become of me? I am most certainly doomed to one of the levels of hell or at least pergatory. My mom will be so mad if I don't get into heaven. I'll probably get restriction for the next millenium.
Call me OK?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

time never ends never ends never ends never...

Today I went to work in the morning with the two kids in tow. G. is 25 but actually something less and A. is every bit of 14. We had coffee/cocoa and went our separate ways. The day went on as predicted and unpredicted but nothing off the curve. I had a nice walk at lunch and came home at the end of the day via the grocery store and the grand opening of a bakery of an acquaintance. I am very excited for her. She's been working on this for about 4 years. I got home and had dinner a fight with the spouse and a successful resolution of that. Went to Tai Chi. Worked up a sweat. On the way the power window of the vehicle would not go back up. When I got home after class the window decided to go back up and appears to work fine for now. I got A. off to bed and sat down to blog. Here I am now typing what may be the most boring blog post in the history of blogdom. It must be time for some TV before bed. Maybe something good will be on and I'll stay up longer than is wise. No worries...there's always COFFEE!!
Tomorrow I have to interview someone, whose been a co-worker for 10 years or so, for a position that I will 1/2 way supervise. That will be weird to say the least. Another new experience to include in the soup of experience called "me".

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

stubbed my symbolic toe

I stumbled upon another soul
that searches for a higher goal
she looks inside and looks about
wondering if she'll always doubt
a gentle one that's softly spoken
heart quite large but nearly broken
stay a while and rest your mind
for what you seek you'll surely find
it lies within you know it's true
in others, in me and inside you

to colie.doll
from your new friend

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I been all round...

Been all round this great big world and seen all kinds of things.
Went to see my olden friends and found em queens and kings.
Gone to places all can go and places in the heart.
The only place I aint never been is where kindness falls to smart.

I don't know...does that make sense?
Who cares...
It works for me!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

another day in parasite

There was so much happening all at once today that I was ON all the day long. When I got home I continued to be ON. And I didn't get to go to Tai Chi. So now I am a grouch. PLUS...when I went to get the work schedule calendars from my bag...they weren't there!!!! Tomorrow night I have to Emcee a school program. Then when I get home I would like to escape through the wobbly haze supplied by alcohol. But I probably won't because I'll pay for that too. HMM...what should I do? Eat? That just adds up to crap. I hobby! Oh yeah...I don't have one because my family is so needy that I can't do anything long enough to get anywhere in it enough to find it satisfying. OK OK I'll read a book. It should only take a paragraph or two before someone needs me to do something or is throwing a fit that will need my intervention. Well, let's see, what's left? I can stay up late and not get enough sleep. That seems to be working so far. The coffee helps make up for that. I'm sure there are no repercussions from that.
I can hear some of you, "whine whine whine ya big baby". I have a little something to say to you but I won't because I don't give a rip about your opinion. You are insulting and that makes you a mean person. So shut up and listen or go away. Have a little empathy you heartless gork!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

today seemed like two and a half days

I had a challenging day today. People at work were having a meltdown. It was my job to squish the wax back into something like two people that could work together but don't have to be friends any more. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

first of the second

This is the first entry of my 2nd blog. I used to be mykljon. I lost that blog due to an industrial accident at my plastics manufacturing plant. (just kidding...see my profile)
Anyway, here I am again. I have a new blog and I will try to make contact with a few of the former peeps that I enjoyed so much.