Thursday, October 30, 2008

What the (ok I'm gonna say it) SPQR?

I'm fired! I'm taking an attorney with me to go get em!
They are so smug and self confident. HmmHmmHmm...
I'm not sure if I will prevail.
But if the attorney feels that I have a leg to stand on
he will work on a contingency basis.
They must have thought I would take whatever they dished out.
So, to them I say, "SPQR!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

sometimes strangers are nicer than the people you know, but not always

I like to make comments to people in line at the store.
We have a little something in common. We're both shopping.
These little interactions are very enjoyable for me.
It reinforces for me that we are all more alike than different.
People are interested in being around other people that are happy, nice and friendly.
I know how much I like it. I have superficial relationships with
many people at cash registers around town. Sometimes those people
become someone that I know in some other capacity. Those people know me
as someone with a sense of humor that is encouraging and positive.
That is a way in which I would be happy to be characterized.
Those are the people I seek out in life.
I will miss Mark Grall.
He is that sort of person.
I look forward to finding out how he flourishes in his new place
on the east coast.
My best wishes and friendship go with you Mark!!
(The activity in the photo above was performed by a trained professional.
It should not be tried at home.)