Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Blog City: Old Folks Home

It is 9:07 pm. I will use this time to blog/write instead of just letting the TV live while I watch. It is not the optimum time is a better use of my time.

Today is 1/3/10. Upon arrival at work this am I was informed that one of the residents had passed away during the night. Not 3 hours after my arrival another resident passed away. This is the nature of my job. People, living through what may be the most difficult times of their lives, are cared for by the staff of the long term care facility. People whom, by the machinations of time, have different images of entertainment, propriety, relationships etc. than the people by whom they are being cared for. Nonetheless, people just the same and equally susceptible to be enchanted by the other. Relationships form and deepen during the long term of care. Caregivers must adapt their care as the deterioration of the health and well being of their charges evolves. A few are there for rehabilitation but many will eventually draw their last breath within the halls and chambers of the place wherein they received the loving care they so deserve after building the community in which we all live.

Although it is often expected and words such as, "They are better off now." or "They will suffer no longer." are spoken, the loss is felt no less deeply. So, the caregivers steel their hearts and comfort their more grief stricken cohorts. There are never judgments about the grieving and always quarter given or slack picked up by sympathetic coworkers when the grieving become less productive. This being one of the times when comraderie is built in the form of appreciation for the help and observation of the depth of heart that coworkers possess.

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