Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Blog City: Skipped a day and Grandma died

Today at work another little old lady died.
I was the nurse on duty.
Yesterday she was taking her pills and answering questions.
Today she was in death mode and indeed did die.
I went to lunch for 1/2 hour.
While I was gone the priest came and gave last rights.
When I came back from lunch I was informed that she had passed.
I was planning on giving her some more morphine for pain after my lunch.
Now it was lunch time for the residents.
How would I do the medication pass, the family notification,
the notifying of the funeral home and the paperwork?
Whew, the charge nurse came to help me.
She was told that she was helping me because I hadn't done this before.
Not true. It was because there wouldn't be enough time to do it all.
Nonetheless, I got the help and the work got done.
So the lesson I have learned is to never skip a day of blogging again.
I'm not superstitious are you?

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